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FIXTANG Design : Art and Production Services (Formerly Maximum Pwnage, Inc.) With years of professional creative experience in video game, toy, and pop culture design spaces, FIXTANG applies knowledge and passion to create exciting and fun things to enhance your fandom!

Some examples of design work include: video game packaging and manuals, alternative packaging and packaging localization for toys, production of physical manuals for games and products that do not typically include them, and cosplay props and accessories.


Design Project 1

*This site is currently in an archived state; when new products and stock become available, a proper storefront is planned to be implemented*


There is no online ordering system at present, so all inquiries and purchases will need to be done via email for the time being. We do have an ebay account that items can be listed to, though prices and your cost will be higher due to fees and the sales tax that they add. Please inquire at: [email protected]

Past Projects: